BCBA Supervision

Magiko Sympan Centre is the first centre in Greece to be supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral level (BCBA-D). We have experience supervising numerous Master’s students working towards BCBA certification from all over the world. This guarantees that training fulfills the international quality standards for supervision set by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and gives you access to the official exams to become a BCBA (given that the student also fulfills other criteria as set by the BACB).

Individuals interested in broadening their knowledge and clinical skills and obtaining either the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification or the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) certification can contact us. The duration, place and form of supervision are determined according to the trainee’s needs and supervisions can be conducted at distance.

Read what students and professionals have said about the supervision they received:

“The high rating is a result of sincere satisfaction with the overall experience. Every meeting was productive and pleasant. I always learned something new and valuable for my work (i.e. could be directly applied and was helpful). Katerina, you are a great supervisor/behavior analyst: ethical, knowledgeable and approachable. And as a result, inspiring. Thank you!”

“The supervision enriched me, I learned a lot with Katerina and was able to improve my practice. It also motivated me to carry on improving my knowledge in the field and conduct research on the procedures used.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being supervised by Katerina. I love the way she works and explains.”

“My global evaluation of my supervisor, Katerina Dounavi, is excellent in every aspect. First, as a professional, showing her capacities, abilities and professional experience; second, in relation to the personal contact, equally excellent.”

“I am very satisfied with the supervision. I have obtained very useful recommendations both on a practical and theoretical level and I think that the supervisor knew how to adapt in every moment to my level of knowledge.”

“Katerina Dounavi is a knowledgeable supervisor. Her clinical and research experience helped me build my knowledge and apply them in individualised programmes for children. I want to warmly thank her very for her consistency and continuous support.” 

“Supervision with Katerina was for me a more in-depth and detailed trip in my enquiries around behaviour analysis. Through our supervisory meetings we worked both new and more detailed skills acquisition programmes. Thank you Katerina for your clear and accurate remarks.”

“The supervision I received by Katerina has been fantastic. Katerina is a professional with extensive experience in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis and great ability to communicate and teach, always with a positive attitude. The service and attention received from her have been excellent. Every supervision session enriched me academically and professionally and motivated me to continue learning.”

“My overall evaluation is 10 out of 10. Katerina has been an excellent supervisor, punctual, honest and with academic and professional experience who can communicate in a clear and simple manner. Also, she fulfills everything agreed beforehand. She is a great instructor and I am very satisfied with the experience.”

Additionally, supervisions are offered to professionals, such as speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, special needs and mainstream teachers, and others who work with children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and need guidance on how to design an effective intervention. This kind of supervision is designed according to the needs of the final client, the person receiving the therapy; at the same time, it is designed in a way that the specialists’ skills are developed, so that in the future they can cope with similar situations independently and successfully.

Supervision is offered in a group format (e.g., professionals, therapists and family-members) as well as individually (e.g., professional development), in-vivo as well as at distance.

Training is also offered to parents who need to further develop their skills on how to cope with behaviour problems and would benefit from an on-site assessment and demonstration of the correct way to react under each situation. In this kind of supervision, parents have the main role and emphasis is put on the immediate development of their practical skills, so that after the end of the training they are able to cope with similar situations and achieve positive changes. Research suggests that parental training and active participation plays an essential role in the outcomes of any therapeutic intervention. Contact us for more details by sending an e-mail to kdounavi@magiko-sympan.gr.

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