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Dr Katerina Dounavi, BCBA-D
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Maximizing the potential for infants at-risk for autism spectrum disorder through a parent-mediated verbal behaviour intervention

Amy Tanner & Katerina Dounavi The human brain undergoes the most transformative development period in all post-natal life from birth to 36 months, going from simple connections to complex connections responsible for social behaviour, communication and cognition (Courchesne & Pierce, 2005). Over the past five years, an increase in pre-diagnostic intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Mobile Health Applications in Weight Management: A Systematic Literature Review

Katerina Dounavi & Olga Tsoumani The present study consisted in a systematic literature review that aimed to gather evidence on the efficacy of mobile health technology in facilitating weight management behaviors. The population at risk of overweight or obesity is constantly growing throughout the world raising public health concerns. Through implementation of strategies at an
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Supervision for Certification in the Field of Applied Behaviour Analysis: Characteristics and Relationship with Job Satisfaction, Burnout, Work Demands, and Support

Katerina Dounavi, Brian Fennell and Erin Early Among Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBA®) and Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBA®) high rates of burnout have been found. Burnout has been described as a situation in which professionals experience high levels of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, lack of accomplishment and job satisfaction (Plantiveau et al., 2018). Burnout
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To Choose or Not to Choose? A Systematic Literature Review Considering the Effects of Antecedent and Consequence Choice upon On-Task and Problem Behaviour

Melanie Howell, Katerina Dounavi & Catherine Storey Choice is a necessary social skill, due to the important effects that it has on the quality of an individual’s life and self-determination, including its impact on social interaction, problem solving and independence (Rispoli et al. 2013). Therefore, choice-making is a crucial life skill that individuals with disabilities
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Protecting children from sexual abuse

Most children will enjoy a happy childhood, full of love, support and opportunities for growth. Relationships with parents, siblings, the extended family and friends will help them develop necessary social skills to fulfil their need to be included in the community and excel with others. Unfortunately, a few children will be exposed to negative relationships,
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Burnout among professionals working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis

Working in an educational setting brings a great deal of satisfaction and feelings of accomplishments to passionate professionals. In the sector of special needs, behaviour analysts have the opportunity to produce meaningful changes in their students lives and observe how they become more independent, included in the society and ultimately happier. Apart from satisfaction with
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Toilet training

Using the toilet gives children independence, helps them develop valuable motor and emotional skills that will be necessary at school, removes a weight that allows them to move freely (since underwear is lighter and much more comfortable than diapers) and of course reduces parents work and family expenses. Usually, toilet training starts between the age of
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Time to do homework! 10 Tips for effective study

Below you will find useful tips on how to help our little friends concentrate during study time, become more productive but also set a schedule that suits their needs. The role of parents in establishing functional study habits is extremely important both at a psychological level but also through the real help they provide with
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