Early Intensive ABA Intervention

ABA forms the scientific basis for an effective intervention for children with Autism and may prove useful for children with other disabilities as well. Research on effective interventions for children with Autism has shown that the onset of the intervention should be before the age of 4, it should be based on ABA, it should be intensive (i.e., delivered on an one-to-one basis and last at least 25 hours per week) and it should be provided by highly qualified professionals (i.e., BCBAs) and involve parents.

In Magiko Sympan, after years of supporting children from across a number of countries inside and outside Europe, we provide you with the expertise required to set up a successful ABA-based programme for your child. Our goal is to improve children’s lives through effective and evidence-based education and ultimately achieve a meaningful inclusion and we work together with the family to achieve this result.

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