Specialised Program

Each student’s needs are unique and for this reason assessment and intervention are adapted to each particular child. Specialised educational programmes aim to improve reading skills, to increase communication/language skills, to establish social skills and make inclusion successful, to provide strategies for progressing in maths, to reduce challenging behaviours and to achieving progress in other areas in which your child may need additional support.

If your child has difficulties when it is time to eat or sleep, does not have independent study skills, does not follow your instructions, or needs help in using the toilet properly;  if the whole family has been affected by stress because of the situation, do not hesitate to contact us. There are evidence-based methods which have proven to be effective in reducing behaviour problems and increasing functional skills. What makes Magiko Sympan Centre unique is that we are the first centre in Greece to be directed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral level. Based on the science of Behaviour Analysis and the most up-to-date research outcomes, we face behaviour problems effectively using positive methods, designing innovative interventions and individualized educational programmes, training parents and therapists and conducting continuous evaluations of the student’s progress, thus guaranteeing a high quality outcome.

Contact us for more details on how a specialised programme may help a child succeed.

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